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Tricks & Games


$125 +GST

About the Training


Want to have some fun playing with your dog and learn some new tricks to impress your friends and family?

Ciara can help you to earn your trick titles or just have fun playing with your dog!

This session is open to friendly dogs.


  • Shake a-paw

  • Wave

  • Jump through hoop

  • Bow

  • Weave

  • Sit pretty

  • Sniff games

  • Paws up

  • Around the cone

  • Crawl


We offer Tricks and Games in a class format if you would like to join us at the centre

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"I must say, although we always felt Sami was great and we had made huge strides since we first adopted him, I felt we were in a bit of a rut. The work and guidance from you over the past months have definitely pushed us forward and made a huge difference in how we relate to each other and, in particular how Sami responds to us.
Lyn is also amazed and really enjoys working with him and seeing the positive results. We've already noticed a difference in his recall response. "What a smart boy!"
Jim and Sami

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PAN Readers Choice 2019 Winner
awar winning dog training in surrey
dog training in surrey bc
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