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Tricks & Games


$125 +GST

About the Training

Ciara CPDT

Want to have some fun playing with your dog and learn some new tricks to impress your friends and family?

Ciara can help you to earn your trick titles or just have fun playing with your dog!

This session is open to friendly dogs.

black dog lying down with orange cones and certificate
Hamish is a proud dog. He got his Novice Trick Title!


  • Shake a-paw

  • Wave

  • Jump through hoop

  • Bow

  • Weave

  • Sit pretty

  • Sniff games

  • Paws up

  • Around the cone

  • Crawl


We offer Tricks and Games in a class format if you would like to join us at the centre

More Info Here


"Just completed Tricks and Games class. It was wonderful! There is lots of one on one instruction from the trainers who are all fabulous. It’s fun and a great way to build confidence and connect with your dog. Highly recommended!" Sue and Sky

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