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Tricks & Games


$299 + GST


6 Weeks

About the Course

Certified Tricks Instructor: Ciara

Build on manners training with fun & challenging new skills.

Enjoy your well-behaved & talented dog.

Add engaging mental & physical enrichment into your week.

Learn how to communicate more clearly with your dog.

Have fun playing together

Learn how to train tricks & discover the endless possibilities 

Dazzle your friends & family

Tips and Tricks Games

  • Shake a-paw

  • Wave

  • Jump through hoop

  • Bow

  • Weave

  • Sit pretty

  • Sniff games

  • Paws up

  • Take a nap

  • Crawl and more!



  • the dog is completely friendly on-leash with strangers & other dogs

  • up-to-date on vaccinations & yearly health checks.

  • the dog has no bite history or human aggression.


What to Bring:

  • regular leash attached to a flat collar or harness.

  • a container of small, tasty treats, such as cut-up cheese, hotdogs, commercial dog treats, etc.

  • phone or camera to video tricks for Trick Title or other (optional)

​We offer this as a Private Training Option as well!


"We have thoroughly enjoyed attending Puppy class, Teen Manners and Tricks & Games. Joel and I were very impressed with you and the rest of the trainers. Your knowledge, patience and passion were greatly appreciated. You all made class a joy for both the dog and the humans.

We looked forward to each class to learn more and watch Nikita grow. She still has work to do, but the classes at Ocean Park have really helped shape her into becoming a fantastic dog.

We look forward to attending classes in the future at Ocean Park. "
Emily, Joel and Nikita

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