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Dog Reactivity


$150 + GST


3 Weeks

About the Course


For Humans Only - you will not be managing your reactive dog while trying to listen and learn at the same time.  The format includes lecture, group participation, skill building exercises, Q & A and more.

Join other caring dog parents who want to make walks better for their dogs.

Does your dog over-react to strangers, other dogs, bikes, skateboards and other triggers you encounter on walks?  Does he bark, whine, lunge, spin, hide, tremble or jump up? Are you feeling stressed, exhausted or embarrassed by the situation?  This course is for you.


In three 1-hour sessions, you will learn the ABCs of dog reactivity, loose-leash walking, skills to change your dog’s emotions around triggers, tools to manage in tough situations, how to build a solid recall and ways to set both of you up for success on walks.


This course will help you to reduce your dog’s leash reactivity and make walks enjoyable once again.


  • Small group class - 10 students

  • 2 instructors for generous support

  • Dogs who are selected, will try-out new skills for the class to watch. (dog must be entirely comfortable around strangers, with no bite history and be able to stay comfortably and safely in your car between exercises. One dog in the training centre at a time. 

  • Private FaceBook group to re-watch videos and discuss related topics

  • Dedicated time to answers your reactivity questions

Course Outline


  • ABCs of Reactivity

  • Triggers in the Environment

  • Emotions - Yours and the Dog's

  • Loose-leash Walking Skills

  • Walking Gear for confidence-building

  • Reading your Dog

  • Changing Emotions

  • Management 

  • Strategies for Tight Situations

  • Building a Strong Recall

  • Real-life Training

  • Enrichment

  • Problem Solving 

  • Celebrate your Successes

Tuition: 3 x 1-hour classes

Course is $150 + GST  

One person per registration.

Dogs do not attend unless selected for demo purposes. (see registration)


"I wanted to sincerely thank you for all the classes and help with Willow. She responds so quickly to positive reinforcement. I’m so glad we found your classes - the only other experience I had with training a dog was 30+ years ago when my family rescued a border collie mix - our trainer at the time had us snapping the choke chain to correct him. I’m so sad to think how wonderfully he would have learned and how much better our relationship would have been, had we known the techniques that you teach."

Carla and Willow

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