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Specializing in Fear & Aggression


$175 + GST (initial fee)

About the Training

Bonnie CTC

NEW APPOINTMENTS ARE ADDED ON THE 15TH OF EACH MONTH, so please check back if you do not see an opening.

Private training programs tailored to you and your dog's needs.


What would you like your dog to do? 


  • Be comfortable around strangers and other dogs

  • Walk nicely on-leash around dog and people

  • Wear a muzzle for safety

  • Come when called around distractions

  • Be comfortable with body-handling for grooming & veterinary care

  • Be comfortable with a new baby coming

What would you like your dog to stop doing?


  • Barking or lunging at other dogs, strangers, etc.

  • Growling and snapping on approach

  • Acting fearfully or aggressively 

  • Barking at visitors to your home

  • Barking at people and dogs from the window, door, or yard

  • Growling &/or snapping around food, toys, beds, etc.

  • Nipping at feet and clothing


Bonnie can help you with these and other challenging behaviours. 

A virtual 1-hour consultation gets you started on a better path to understanding your dog's behavior, setting goals for training, implementing tips, management strategies & more. (includes follow-up email report).

When training sessions are recommended, they are booked after the consultation. 


 Adult Dogs

  • Initial Consultation: Behaviour plan + tips to get started - generally by Zoom or phone. - 1 hour = $175 + GST.

    Following the Initial Consultation, options include:

  • Training Package A:  2 x 1-hour sessions with the dog + written follow-up = $350. 

  • Full Support Package: includes 2 x 1-hour skills training sessions, 4 x 1-hour walk & train (parallel walks, if appropriate for the dog) = $850 + GST. (with complimentary access to our Reactivity Course).

  • Additional 1-hour Individual sessions: + written follow-up = $175 + GST. 

  • Training is in-person at the training centre, indoors, and/or outdoors. 


"Bonnie is the most professional and encouraging trainer I’ve ever met. Not once did I feel belittled or shamed; I was treated only with kindness and respect. She is expert at reading a dog’s behaviour thereby giving ideas how best to positively impact and encourage me as well as my dog. Theo is slowly overcoming his anxiety and more happy to be in the big world, I’m so happy for him! Thank you Bonnie for helping me understand Theo better and for giving me confidence that I can continue to help him."

Michelle and Theo

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