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Train and Play with Melanie

Does your dog have extra energy to burn?  Would you like to reduce your dog's problem behaviour with enrichment activities?  Is your dog shy or not suited to activities with other dogs?  Maybe you would like scheduled time and space to practice learned skills.  Or you have a senior dog who likes gentle activities and lots of sniffing time.


There are so many reasons to love our new private Train and Play sessions with Melanie.  


Each 40-minute session is tailored for you and your dog.  Sample activities include exploration time, confidence-building, mini-scent games, mini-agility, obedience skills, trick training, grooming, body-handling, retrieving games and more.  


Participate in the fun or watch as Melanie works with your dog.  


Dogs of all ages are welcome provided they are stranger-friendly, healthy and up-to-date on vaccinations.  


Sessions are held on Fridays at the Training Centre.  The cost is $50 ($47.52 + $2.38 GST) for one dog.




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