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Bonnie CTC

Owner & Head Instructor

Bonnie, owner and head instructor/trainer provides professional dog services in Surrey, B.C. 


An advocate for force-free, reward based dog training, Bonnie brings her knowledge and experience working with shelter dogs and pet dogs into advancing other’s understanding of pet dog behaviour.


Bonnie earned her CTC (Certificate in Training and Counselling) from the distinguished, international leader, the Academy for Dog Trainers.


To further her understanding of scent detection for pet dogs, Bonnie studied with NACSW, (National Association of Canine Scent Work) founders and is a certified CNWI (Certified NoseWork Instructor)


For over 20 years, Bonnie has volunteered with the BC SPCA, helping shelter dogs to be adopted. She also volunteers with dogs at Surrey Animal Resource Centre and Delta Community Animal Shelter.


At the University of British Columbia, Bonnie received a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education, with a secondary focus in Animal Behaviour, Psychology and Ecology.


As an educator for 34 years with the Surrey School District, she is a skilled presenter with a passion for teaching.  


Her spare time is spent with family, friends and two dogs:

Dixie, (Border Collie mix) 

Hamish. (Lab/Golden)

  • Graduate of the Academy for Dog Trainers, known as "The Harvard of Dog Training." August 2017.

  • Certified Canine Nose Work Instructor, July, 2018.

  • Bachelor of Physical Education and Teaching Diploma, University of British Columbia

  • Certified Teacher of English as a Second Language - University of British Columbia and Surrey School District

  • Pet Professional Guild Canine Training Professional

  • Certified Behaviour Adjustment Dog Training Instructor - BAT 2.0 

  • Pet Professional Guild Summit - 2018 Utah, 2020 virtual 

  • Fenzi Academy Lemonade Conference 2020 virtual

  • Clicker Expo, Seattle 2019, Portland 2017

  • Dr. Susan Friedman, Living and Learning with Animals, 2014.

Teaching Experience:
  • Elementary school teacher- 34 years with the Surrey School District. 

  • Faculty member at Langara College, Vancouver, teaching Advanced Dog Behaviour and Co-operative Dog Training 

  • Private client dog training and behaviour consultant for 10+ years

  • Group training classes starting in 2008

Experience with Dogs:
  • More than 20 years experience working with shelter dogs at the BC SPCA.

  • In-home training with foster dogs, for a variety of behaviour problems

  • A lifetime of living with dogs. 

  • Teaching & competing in NoseWork for 11+ years 

  • Teaching children at SPCA Kids' Camps 

About Training Methods

At this time, dog training is an unregulated profession. Consumers need to be aware that training methods carry both benefits and risks.   Training using aversives such as: pain, loud noises, choking,prong and electric collars, may provide"quick fixes" butcarry the risk of causing irreversible fear and/or aggression.Permanently changing behaviour takes time.The benefit of training with food and other rewards is dogs are happy, have increased confidence, like people and hands and enjoy learning.It is important to choose your trainer carefully.



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