Ocean Park Dog training offers:

  • A modern, clean & air-conditioned training centre

  • Supportive and compassionate step-by-step learning

  • Current science-based dog training methods

  • Humane, aversive-free dog training techniques

  • Experienced & certified dog training professionals

  • Positive & fun training using rewards such as food for motivation

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Ocean Park Dog Training understands that dogs do what works.  


  • Success comes from rewarding behaviours we like and ignoring or training an alternate behaviour for the ones we don't like.

  • Using current best training practices for animal and human learning, Ocean Park Dog Training maintains a positive environment where everyone is safe, supported and encouraged.  

  • Pain, intimidation and force have no place in training.

  • Ocean Park Dog Training is fun for everybody.

Private Dog Training
Trusted solutions for problem behaviours.
Custom packages and flexible scheduling.
Puppy Classes
Quality puppy classes to ensure your puppy develops into a confident and social dog. 


Teen Manners Classes
Help your dog become the well-mannered dog everybody enjoys.


K9 Nose Work Classes

Like professional scent-detection dogs, your dog will learn to hunt for hidden odours.

Scent Games training in Surrey, BC