Nose Work Classes

 Introduction to K9 Nose Work


  • Over the six week session, your dog will be challenged with scent game exercises in the four elements: indoors, outdoors, containers and vehicles.


  • Learn to read your dog's body language and understand how odours travel.


  • No prior experience needed and most dogs are suited to K9 Nose Work.

Spring Term starts April 10.

We have not yet set the date/time for

new Intro to Nose Work classes.

6 week course: $184.76 + $9.24 GST = $194 

Classes are 1.5 hours.

CNWI Bonnie  


Foundation Courses


  • Intro to K9 Nose Work (Beginners)  ​TBA

  • Intro to Odour - Advanced- Sunday 9 am.  


Continuing Courses


  • Saturday 10:30 am. 

  • Sunday 10:30 am. 

  •   Monday 10 am. 

  • Monday 6:30 pm.

  • Friday 3:30 pm. 


  • No prior skill needed. (for Intro to K9 Nose Work) 

  • Dogs take turns coming into the search area and stay in vehicles between turns. 

  • The dog is safe and cool when left in the car.  

  • Up-to-date vaccinations and a yearly health check.


What to bring:

  • regular leash attached to a flat collar or harness

  • a container of small, tasty treats, such as cut-up cheese, hotdogs or commercial dog treats.


We intend to follow the philosophy and methodology of K9 Nose Work® as developed by the founders of the activity, to the best of our understanding.


"Just wanted to say thank you for the class last night -  Tessie had a great time, and it was wonderful to learn how to channel her natural hunting instinct.   She was exhausted last night - no small feat! I look forward to learning more from you as the classes go on, and hopefully implementing some of the techniques with Cooper (the Beagle)."  

Jaclyn & Tessie

Bonnie Hartney in a K9 Nose Work vehicle search with dog, Lily.
IMG_3762 2.JPG

Providing physical and mental exercise for our dogs is the best way to keep them happy and healthy.  It also helps to decrease or eliminate problem behaviour. 

Dogs have amazing noses and live in a chemical world.  While humans primarily use their eyes to gather information, our dog friends use their noses.  

Nose Work taps into a dog's natural instinct to hunt.


Dogs LOVE the game and get very excited about searching.  It is a wonderful thing to watch dogs use their noses in such a natural way.


Every dog - big, small, bold, timid, old, young and those with special needs love to participate.  Join a class and watch the fun begin.


K9 Nose Work dog searches for hidden odour in a warehouse.

 Ocean Park Scent Dogs having fun!