Private Training

Private training programs are tailored to you and your dog's needs.


What would you like your dog to do? 

  • Sit nicely when visitors arrive

  • Come when called

  • Walk without pulling on leash

  • Lie down when asked

  • Wait politely to be fed


What would you like your dog to stop doing?

  • Jumping up

  • Barking at other dogs

  • House-soiling

  • Acting fearfully

  • Chewing on furniture

  • Demand barking


We can help you with these and so many more behaviours.

Enjoy supported learning in the comfort of our training centre or the neighbouring park.


Problem Behaviour

Dogs love to chew, urinate on porous surfaces, bark, dig, rough house and bite in just the same way that we like to watch movies, check email and talk on the phone.

Problems arise however, when natural dog behaviour conflicts with our expectations.  

The key to preventing and treating problem behaviour starts with managing the environment and teaching the dog acceptable outlets for behaviours that we find objectionable.  

Do I Have To Train With Food?

The decision to use food for training is up to you.

Professionals like to use food because it is one of the most powerful motivators and results in strongly conditioned behaviours.


You can train with praise alone, but the behaviours will be much weaker.

Using food has two advantages: it can be used to reward and to lure the dog into desired positions.  Physically positioning dogs slows learning and has negative effects.


Training with positive reinforcement using food to reward and position, builds robust behaviours while strengthening the bond between you and your dog.  

Over time, you will be able to get more behaviour for fewer treats and become skilled at finding other motivators.


  • Initial Consultation and Behaviour Plan- 1 hour - $125

  • Initial Consultation and Training - with written follow-up - 1.5 hours - $175

  • Training Package A - 3  x 1-hour sessions including initial consultation and 2 training sessions, written goals, and written follow-up -$315  Most Popular!  

  • Additional Individual Sessions - with written follow-up - 1 hour - $105 

  • Dog training in South Surrey at our air-conditioned training centre.


***Note- all prices include GST .



"I just want to take a moment to publicly thank you for helping me with my boy, Dorian.  Working with you has changed my boy into such a happy, less anxious/fearful dog!  Your training has taught me so much about him and how to help him see me as his best friend!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Clara and Dorian

"I must say, although we always felt Sami was great and we had made huge strides since we first adopted him, I felt we were in a bit of a rut. The work and guidance from you over the past months have definitely  pushed us forward and made a huge difference in how we relate to each other and, in particular how Sami responds to us.

Lyn is also amazed and really enjoys working with him and seeing the positive results.  We've already noticed a difference in his recall response. "What a smart boy!"

Jim and Sami

"How lucky Lucy and I were to have Bonnie recommended to us! She was able to address, in short order, if it was trainable, the issues which needed attention, exercises and homework. Lucy learned so quickly, I was amazed. Thanks so much, Bonnie."

Eileen and Lucy

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