Melanie CPDT-KA
Administrator, Dog Trainer & Class Instructor. 
Melanie joined us in 2017 & has helped train more than 500 puppies & dogs. 
She is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer & Fear Free Certified Trainer with a Bachelor Degree in Hospitality Management.

Students are grateful for her kind support and positive dog training skills.  Melanie and her family have two lovely rescue dogs, Anna and Sammy.  "Sam" is a superstar K9 Nose Work dog. 

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Melanie teaching dogs.HEIC
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Shelley - CTC
Dog Trainer and Class Instructor.
Shelley is a Certified Dog Trainer and Counsellor (CTC) with The Academy for Dog Trainers, a 2-year virtual university program under industry expert Jean Donaldson.
Shelley started at Ocean Park Dog Training in 2019 & uses her skills and vast experience working with shelter dogs to teach classes.  Students appreciate her knowledge and kind approach to helping them better understand their dogs.
Shelley's fun-loving dog, Twist is an All-Canadian mix who excels at K9 Nose Work.

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Class Assistant Instructor
Emily is a Veterinary Assistant at a Langley Pet Hospital and a Fear-Free Certified Veterinary Professional.  She is also a valued teaching assistant for OPDT Puppy Socialization and Teen Manners classes.  Always understanding and willing to help, she is an asset to every class.  Luna and Finn are two lucky rescue dogs who share an exciting life with Emily and her family.  Luna is an amazing K9 Nose Work dog.


Class Assistant Instructor
Ciara has a strong customer service background.  She loves working with dogs and horses.  She is a student at the University of the Fraser Valley where she is studying sciences.  Her calm and encouraging manner makes her a popular Class Instructor.  She lives with a large mixed breed dog named Dixon.


Class Assistant Instructor
Kamryn has worked with dogs in a variety of settings including doggy daycare, veterinary clinic, dog walking and grooming.  Her hands-on experience with dogs and puppies are an asset when helping and demonstrating in classes.  She has an empathetic ear for dog parents and provides helpful advice in class.  Kamryn also works and teaches with horses and is studying for a business degree.  She lives with a fun-loving rescue Malinois mix.



Hamish Superstar Demo Dog 
Hamish is a 4-year-old Black Labrador/Golden Retriever mix.  His friendly & gentle nature make him a favourite team member. Hamish is often the first adult dog that our puppies meet and his wiggly, soft body tells them they are safe.  Hamish loves lots of cuddles & puppy toys he sneaks out of the laundry.  He also loves Nose Work & has a NW1 title.