Online Dog Training  

Frequently Asked Questions

Dog's Portrait

1. Do I need a special camera or microphone?

No, your computer or phone is good enough.

2. Will I need to clean my house because others will see when I am online.

We maintain your privacy so nobody will see you or your home.  

In Private Training it is helpful for Bonnie to see your dog in action so you can choose to turn on the video function.


3. What can I do if I have trouble going online? (Classes)

We recommend going onto FaceBook prior to the Live session.  Any problems, call or email and we will assist you.

What if I have never used Zoom before? (Private Training)

You will receive an invitation to join when the meeting is about to begin.  Once you accept, a prompt will help you install Zoom on your computer. It takes only a few minutes and then you will be in the meeting with Bonnie.

What if I am not available at the time the Live class is on?

No worries, the replay is available all week for you to watch.

Do I need my puppy/dog to be present for on-line classes?

It is entirely up to you. Some people like to watch first and then go to the replay to practice with their dog.  Others enjoy doing the live session with their dog.

I am not tech savvy.  What should I do?

We are here to help you.  Don't worry.  Contact us and we will get you set up.