COVID 19 Policies



Thank you for the incredible kindness and patience during this exceptional time.  


We are excited to announce the training centre re-opened on June 1 with modifications to keep everybody safe.








For Everybody’s Safety:


  • To allow for social distance, we will hold classes outdoors in the parking lot when weather permits. (except Puppy Socialization Classes which are indoors)

  • With inclement weather, you will be notified that class will be held indoors and given a time to arrive.  Half of the students will attend the first half hour and half, the second.  The lesson will remain unchanged but there will be less time for watching other dogs.

  • We limit number of people inside & will enforced to maintain safe social distance.

  • We will offer hand-sanitizer when you enter.

  • High touch areas will be frequently sanitized.

  • For outdoor classes, we encourage you to bring your own outdoor chair for comfort and convenience. 

  • Our instructors will minimize use of student dogs for demos and may wear gloves before taking your leash.


We Need Your Help Too:


  • Stay home if you are sick. If you are unsure, err on the side of caution and stay home.  

  • Stay home if you have been in contact or possible contact with someone who is sick or has been diagnosed with COVID19. You must quarantine for 2 weeks and be free of the virus before returning.

  • If you have traveled outside Canada, self-quarantine for 2 weeks before coming to class.

  • Use hand sanitizer when entering the training centre.

  • Avoid touching anything other than your dog & possessions.

  • Leave extra possessions at home - bags, dog mats, etc.

  • Limit the number of people attending classes. Outdoor training is limited to 4 people and inside to 2 family members for each puppy or 1 for each dog.

  • Practice social distancing at all times - 2 metres apart.

  • Wash your hands and use hand sanitizer frequently.

  • Wear a mask when inside.


Thank you for your co-operation.  Together we can learn and play with our dogs while staying safe too!


Bonnie Hartney

Ocean Park Dog Training

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